Midwest Meter

1605 170th Street, PO Box 376
Hampton, IA 50441 – USA
PHONE: (641) 456-4802
FAX: (641) 456-4600

MID:COM is a leading manufacturer of electronic meter registers, on board computers and accessories for all types of flow meters. Our systems are typically used with positive displacement, mass flow and turbine meters. The most common applications are on Propane and Petroleum delivery trucks. However, our systems are also used for metering water, fertilizer, chemicals, solvents and a number of different industrial liquids.

MID:COM pioneered the computer register business in 1975. There are over 30,000 of our computers and registers operating in all types of weather, from tropical heat, humidity and salt air to the bitter cold of the Arctic Circle. Our systems accurately account for billions of gallons of product everyday.

MID:COM products are easy to operate as stand alone systems. They can be used with GPS antennas to geocode tank locations, with cell phones or radios to provide real time data transfer or other computing devices.

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