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Fuel Management

No matter what fuels you are handling or transporting, superior containment is necessary from tank to tank. At Midwest Meter, we offer products from brands that have been proven reliable and innovative.


Throughout the world, Civacon equipment is hard at work safeguarding against costly petroleum and chemical spills, tank overfills and fugitive vapor emissions. Whether your need is at the terminal loading rack, or outfitting a fleet of tankers or rail cars, Civacon systems set the standard for real-world performance in the most rigorous and demanding applications. If the safe, profitable handling of hazardous liquids and dry-bulk commodities is your concern, trust Civacon.

Fill Rite FMS®

Fill-Rite’s Fuel Management System combines hardware, a mobile application and web portal to give you real-time control over your fuel. With web-based application information, robust tracking tools, automated tax refunds for off-road fuel use, customizable reports and expandable module set up, this may be the last FMS you’ll ever need.


Liquip® supplies equipment for storing and transferring bulk liquids such as petroleum and dry bulk. They specialize in terminal, tanker and aviation markets, offering best-in -class products such as loading arms, ground monitors, meters and pumping systems. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Liquip® is known for their aggressive research and development and rapid response to customer requirements.